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Wooden Pentomino Puzzle

Lots of people like puzzles.  They’re fun to work on individually or with friends.  Some people like abstract puzzles on paper or in books, while others like the hands-on, three-dimensional variety.  Here are some of the many puzzles we’ve enjoyed over the years.

Crossword puzzles

Word search puzzles

Dot to Dot books

Highlights Puzzlemania

Highlights Mathmania

Usborne Young Puzzle Books


Jigsaw puzzles

Floor puzzles


Solid wooden pentominoes

Wooden animal pentomino puzzle

Izzi: The Puzzle With Almost a Zillion Solutions

Metal disentanglement puzzles

Rush Hour: Traffic Jam Game

Gordian’s Knot: Brainteaser Challenge

Block by Block: Creative Building Game

Snake Cube Solitaire Puzzle

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