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Kapla Building Blocks

Kapla block bridge

Kapla blocks are beautiful, smooth-sanded pine building planks for people of all ages.  We got a set of these when Ben was about thirteen, and we’ve loved them ever since.  We keep them in a pretty basket in the living or family room so they’re always ready to play with.  It’s amazing all the interesting structures you can build with them.

Kapla teamwork: Ben and Cousin Jesse

Just like any other types of building blocks, Kapla blocks are great for quiet, meditative play, filled with concentration and creative designing.  Of course, they’re also great for working with a partner, giving opportunities for teamwork, conversation, planning, and laughter.

Accomplished builders
Uncle Paul and Ben planning and conversing
Kapla mug holder
Kapla tower
Kapla block creation decorated with pattern blocks

As you can see, there are numerous possibilities.  Here’s another great collection of Kapla images for more ideas and inspiration.  Have fun building!

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(Bonus photo of Cousin Jesse in the job he got after building with Kapla blocks.  Coincidence?  You decide.)

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