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Konexi: The gravity-defying word game

In this game, letters can be connected in any order to form words. As you look at our small tower, can you see the words peg, pig, and big?

We recently found a great new game called konexi.  It’s a 3D word-building game somewhat like Scrabble or Bananagrams plus Jenga.  It’s an interactive group game with players trying to build words within the group’s connected tower of letters.  Each sturdy letter has notches that allow you to fit them together, connecting them as you build upward and outward to make different words while trying to keep the tower from falling.  Here’s an action shot and a close-up view of one of our games.

A circle of letters to choose from with the word tower in the middle
During a Konexi game, players connect letters in all different directions to make words in any way possible. Can you find the words fox, clip, claps, clasp, laps, lid, lick, licked, lied, idle, and pails?
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