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Simple Conversations

Guitar headstock built by Don Miller

Simple conversations are the heart of family life. Here’s one I overheard recently:

Don came in from the woodshop to talk to Ben while Ben was relaxing in the living room. Don asked, “Do you have any rosewood?”

It struck me as a funny question for a dad to ask a son, but as they continued, I realized they were talking about guitar woods. They talked about the rosewood Ben found last year, what Don might use it for, and other related details. The exchange lasted only a few minutes, but it’s one of many that keeps them connected. I enjoyed overhearing this unique conversation between them. It reminds me how nice it is that they have time to share materials and talk about projects together.

Conversations don’t have to be big or important to be valuable. Even the simple ones can help us appreciate each other, rely on each other, and work together.

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