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A Day at North Bend Fire Training Academy

Just out of the fire!

Ben has been participating in a fire service technology class for the past couple years at the Fire District 1 headquarters and training center in Snohomish County. There are about 20+ other students from various high schools in the area who also participate. Together, they learn as much of the hands-on skills and academic content needed for fire service work. This trip to the state training academy was a full day of live fire training–essentially a hands-on culmination of what they’ve been learning throughout the year. It was a day filled with excitement, determination, hard work, and many smiles like the one in the photo above.

Company A -- Alex, Ben, and Verghel
Chief McGaughy with Ben and Company A
Everyone loves watching the burn tower.
Burn Tower
Each floor of the burn tower holds various live fire experiences for practical fire training opportunities
The companies are getting ready for various training assignments.
Taking care of the gear.
Suiting up -- Each hands-on practical lasted about 20-30 minutes, and between sessions, they came out to cool off and then get their gear ready again.
Ready to go.
Company A discusses plans for their next live fire practical.
Many experienced firefighters assisted in all the training.
Lots of conversations both before and after practicals.
Great mentoring throughout the day.
Ladder talk
Cooling off and debriefing
So much excitement and exhilaration after coming out of the fire.
Pertinent road signs


A lunchtime break and good words to remember.
Loading gear
A good, long day of hard work.
Company officers
Fire District 1 Student Firefighters



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